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COLORADO COMMUNITY RESPONSE (CCR) POSITION SUMMARY: The Family Advocate is a LPFCC employee housed by Archuleta County Department of Human Services (ACDHS) through an existing MOU.  LPFCC and ACDHS co-wrote

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The Power of Healing Touch

The Power of Healing Touch Six Easy Exercises for Calm and Well Being The greatest healer is with you all the time; your sense of touch. Our skin is an

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Executive Administrative Assistant

Executive Administrative Assistant 32 hours per week $19 per hour  Full benefits Medical insurance  Dental insurance Vision insurance  Paid time off 401(k) Please send your resume and cover letter to

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Impact Study

Study Release Impact of Family Development Findings from a three-year study of Colorado’s Family Pathways Framewor Download Report

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The Meditation Gardens

New this week at the Pond Farm The Meditation Garden Here at the Pond Farm we are in the beginning stages of planting our meditation garden. The garden is located

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May Meditation Spring Dreams

  Spring Dreams Sankalpa Sankalpa-Sanskrit term that refers to heartfeltdesire, an intention resolve to do something You were born with potential.You were born with goodness and trust.You were born with

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Mindful Parenting

Español When the demands of parenthood ramp up during high stress times, such as dinner time, bedtime, or when you are overly tired our reactions may look a lot different

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Metta Meditation 

Español Metta Meditation Metta means loving kindness, friendliness. It is an ancient technique used to send good energy to oneself, to other’s and to the world. When the suffering and

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Maravillarse ante el invierno

Una meditación caminando Maravillarse ante el invierno Una meditación caminando Una meditación caminando no requiere de experiencia. Es una oportunidad de estar despierto y presente mientras tu cuerpo camina sobre

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