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Together We Grow!

Together, with our diverse community of parent leaders, expert advisers, involved youth, and family advocates we set out to identify principal health concerns, inequalities, and challenges in Archuleta and La Plata counties. 

Community Goals

Community Goals

Our community proposed activities centered around year-round growing and distribution of healthy foods, nutrition and health education, business entrepreneurship, and worksite wellness. Together we have identified the four over-arching goals listed below to support these activities.

Reuse existing land and infrastructure to grow our own healthy food!

Encourage pride-in-family/participants & Educations

Advance food Equity and Education

Cultivate Safe, Holistic Places & Active bodies.

News & Events

We have started a Together We Grow Children's Library at The Pond House Farm.

Thank You Donors!

Kids -Come Connect Explore,Enjoy and Grow!


Feed Back

“It's so awesome to be a part of promoting healthy eating in our community"


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