10 Ways to a More Joyful Summer

Joyful Summer

10 Ways to a More Joyful Summer

Midsummer can feel a little bit forlorn. With many summer days still ahead, we know the sun is setting a little earlier and the days are slowly becoming shorter.

How can we be more present to the joys of summer before it's over?

  1. Be Intentional about who and what you give your time to.

    Summer is not about filling up your calendar, it is about how you do things, setting aside the time to do things that bring you joy.

    Once you understand what your needs and wants are, it is time to communicate them clearly. Can you create healthy boundaries and find effective and loving ways to deal with interruptions and distractions?

    Are you doing things that fulfill you?

    Are you filling your summer days with things that nurture you?

    No matter what you do it will be more enjoyable because it was intentional.

  2. Love the Moment-Practice bringing yourself to the present moment.

    Stop chasing the things you think will make you feel better, or be better. You don’t have to have larger than life experiences to enjoy life, a few moments of being in your body, following your breath and feeling deep into your heart, you can discover that everything you need and want is already here.

  3. Stop glorifying busy living. It is easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of constant activity.The pace can be exhausting. You do not have to push or force things to happen. You can have your goals. But realize you can work towards them without breaking yourself.

    Remind yourself to slow down.Find time for lightness and fun.

    Next time you are multitasking try to do one thing at a time. Focus on that and do only that. Having your phone incessantly demanding your attention is not helping.

    Learn to look at nature’s example on how to slow down and synchronize with the summer season. Are you stopping to spend a lazy afternoon taking a nap?

    Do you go for a walk in nature? To slowly sip a summery drink? Pick wildflowers? Do you give yourself time to process what is going on in your life?

    Gift yourself time, gift yourself with your own presence. You deserve it.

  4. Make time to feel gratitude.Gratitude is something that can change your energy. Consider all the people, activities, food and the beautiful bodies we are blessed with. Gratitude for the abundance of summer, and harvest.

    Appreciate the little beauties, such as the tomatoes growing in your garden, taking a dip in your favorite swimming hole, and just being outside.

    What would life be like without what you are grateful for?

  5. Stay in touch with your emotions.

    Our emotions play a crucial role in our daily lives and influence so much of how we think, feel and behave.

    We may notice our bodies and our emotions reflecting more of the fire element in the heat of summer.

    Out of balance we see fiery emotions like anger and impatience,anxiety, nervousness. In our physical bodies heartburn,insomnia, and excess sweating.

    Feel what you are feeling, it is okay to feel how you feel.

    Your emotions are useful messengers-they often have something to tell you, showing you something you need to fulfill. Emotions are impermanent.

    Staying in touch with our emotions,without becoming attached to them,will make a difference in how you will feel.

    If you find yourself overheated by stress or physical exertion

    Moderation is key. Calm down, cool down, sit in the shade of your favorite tree, stand barefoot in the grass, or maybe pause to feel a cool breeze.

    Seek balance in your diet and lifestyle.

    Keep your body hydrated. When we are able to deal with a core emotion of an experience we are able to transmute it and diffuse it, keeping it in balance.

    When you are in balance this results better use of your energy, higher motivation, creativity and your ability to see the big picture.

  6. Recharge: Do what recharges you. Use summertime as a time to heal and grow. It is never too late to heal.

    Everyone has gone through hard things, and those moments leave marks on the mind that impact your thoughts and actions.

    Sometimes we get stuck in our own worlds and forget other's might be going through something similar or even the same thing. Reach out to those friends,

    connect with other's and find comfort in that you are not alone. Make new connections.

  7. Live with gentleness and kindness.

    Negative self talk is really a habit, a habit you have learned. Changing the way you speak to yourself really makes a difference.

    Be wary of perfectionism. Perfectionism often comes from a place of fear. Perfectionists tend to be highly critical and judgemental of themselves.

    Failure is a natural and essential part of growing and learning.

    Perfectionism draws you away from what is going well and fixates on flaws and mistakes.Explore with a sense of ease and softness.

    Give yourself credit when things go well.

    Try not to focus on doing things perfectly but just on doing them.

  8. Follow your intuition.

    Summertime keeps us open to learning and growth, to explore something new. Following your intuition helps you grow and leads you to your best life.

    Summer is a season that invites you to connect more deeply with your heart.

    Learn to listen to your heart. Follow your joy. Listen to your desires in this light- filled time. Pay attention to what direction it is telling you to go, it can help unfold the next chapter in your life. Embrace change and growth by fostering self respect.

  9. Accept that you can't control everything.

    Open your heart and mind to what is possible this summer. Let it all be and say Yes to life,to what makes you feel alive.

  10. Do the things you love to do and enjoy sharing them with other's.

Together We Can Grow in finding harmony between relaxing downtime and meaningful experiences.

The La Plata Family Center offers many worthwhile summer experiences and that can be a wonderful way for all of us to nurture JOY this summer!