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May Meditation Spring Dreams


Spring Dreams Sankalpa

Sankalpa-Sanskrit term that refers to heartfelt
desire, an intention resolve to do something

You were born with potential.
You were born with goodness and trust.
You were born with ideals and dreams.
You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling,so don’t.
You have wings.
Learn to use them and fly. -Rumi

What dreams do you want to see in your life at this time?
Spring is the perfect time for dreaming.
Everything begins with an idea, a wish, a dream.
In Yoga we use Sankalpa as a way to visualize and honor
all that we really want in life.

A Sankalpa informs us of our purpose in the world.
Whether it is a new job, health, taking care of your body,
inner peace and happiness, a sankalpa brings focus and
positive energy to your objective.

Discovering your Sankalpa is a process of listening.
Spend a few minutes preparing in Meditation
Sit or lie down in a quiet place.Gently close your eyes.
Begin by softening your face.
Getting centered and grounded.
Let the weight of your body release downward.
Connect and focus on your breath.
Follow inhalations and exhalations.
Let the breath arrive in your body. Let your mind settle.
Connect with a sense of presence.
If you don’t feel it, don’t worry.
Take a moment to pause. Relax And listen.
On inhale mentally say: What do I need to know right now?
Have a willingness to hear the message.
Sit with it, feel it and reflect on it.
Welcome whatever thoughts, feelings, images arise in
A good place to begin listening for your Spring Dreams is
to start by writing or reflecting on the following questions.
Use them to open up your thoughts, your feelings, and
discover your dreams.

● What is something I really want in my life?
Consider how you will feel if this dream comes into being.

● Has this desire always been present in your life?
When I was little I wanted to __________________
As I grew older I wanted to____________________
At this stage in your life, what do you want to do?
What is my most important goal in my life right now?

● What is my biggest dream, my biggest wish for myself
and my life?
I feel passionate about _______________

A Sankalpa will call you into action in the world

● What is stopping me?
Is it possible I am the one holding me back?
In order to get from here to there, what actions
can I commit to over the next few months to move me
forward on this path?
What is the first step?
I will begin by________________
Sankalpa is a vow and commitment to our highest truth.
Clearly visualize all that you would like to do, and be.
State your Sankalpa
When I dream, here is what I see________________

Our words play a powerful role

A Sankalpa is spoken to oneself as a desire that is true in
this present moment.
For example: I want to be more patient
Your sankalpa might be
Patience and kindness is my true nature.
Once you identify your sankalpa,
spend time with it in meditation.
A Meditation for Spring Dreams- Setting a Sankalpa
Sit in a relaxed posture.
Focus on breathing evenly and deeply as you
inhale and exhale Let your loving breath fill you.
With clear, strong intention
NOW Silently state your Sankalpa
Fully envision how it would look, feel and be when it
manifests itself in your life.
Believing one hundred percent that it will take place.
State it in your mind two more times.
NOW Imagine-
A sunrise lighting up the entire sky
Or a star filled night
See a person meditating on top of a rock, with the beautiful
San Juan mountains in view.
State your sankalpa one more time and fully visualize it
coming to fruition. Imagine streams of grace and blessings
on this sankalpa.
Picture your sankalpa in your life now how it would look,
how it would feel, how it would be in all aspects of your
Use your sankalpa to capture your dreams.
Happy, peaceful. Simply rest in this state.
State your sankalpa one last time.
Notice how you feel so much more at peace when it does.
Bring your hands to your heart and remind yourself to
stay connected to yourself and your intention.
Pay attention to the first moments after this
meditation and the ways we carry it into our days.
Sankalpa is remembering.
If we get off track, our sankalpa is there reminding us and
pointing us in the direction of our idea into reality.
Return to this meditation again and again
to pause, reset and remember .
Step by step your spring dream will seed, take root and
grow. Over time you will find the tools, the skills and learn
lessons necessary to transform your life.Our dreams and
wishes evolve in their own time. Each of our paths have a
different timeline. You are responsible for every word and
action which has created your present and is shaping your
future. Whatever you can do or believe you can do,
begin it now!