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In Awe Of Winter
A Walking Meditation

In Awe Of Winter A Walking Meditation

A Walking Meditation requires no experience.
It is a chance to be wakeful and present in your body
walking upon the earth.
In the heart of winter we experience the heart of silence,
where our inner voice can be heard.
The gift of a walking meditation is your time.
A time to listen to that soft inner voice.
View this practice as a gift to yourself, not a burden.
The gift of giving ourselves a moment to get still, get quiet.
You can use it to reduce stress, brighten your energy
when you are feeling sleepy, release tension,and refresh
your senses.
Sometimes the only thing that slows us down is illness,or
injury. We think accomplishing things is what will complete
us, when it is the experience of life that will.
Let’s Begin
This is best done Outside to enhance your connection
with the earth, the sky and the season of winter.
However it can be done indoors.
Start Standing Like a tree that sleeps in the earth,
Let your body stand easily on the ground.
Connect with Grounding your feet and legs.
Roots connecting you to your center.
The art of this practice is to find a chosen pathway
you enjoy walking. Allow for 10 minutes or more.
Your intention is To Walk SLOWLY
slower than your normal pace.
Two steps, then three, walking normally.
Walking to the end of your chosen pathway.
Every step should be a miracle.
Every step helping us to touch the windows of life.
Luxuriating in the heart of winter.
Go ahead BEGIN Walking your path
PAUSE. Find a Calming, Soothing Centering Breath.
PAUSE Again.
TURN AROUND And Walk Back.
Repeat your walk as your time duration allows.
With each step, with awareness of every step…
Touch the miracle of walking on earth.
The miracle IS walking on earth.
Performing a miracle while you are walking.
To be alive and walking on this planet.
Every step is a miracle so Enjoy every step.
If you begin to hurry SLOW DOWN
Call yourself back, in the PAUSE
Breathwork: Inhale and Exhale Empty Out
As the breath slows it signals the body that it is safe to relax
even more…creating a positive feedback loop.
Let the Rhythm of the Breath and your Walking
Soothe you, you sustain you and nourish you.
Notice how your breath arises out of nothing and dissolves
into nothing again. Breath In Breath Out Slow down
The quiet instant when each breath starts. What makes this
moment so crucial is it releases the freshness of living.
Summon something in your surroundings that gives you a
sense of deep peace.
Again and Again it is in Slowing Down.
If you like add this beautiful walking
meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh
Every step is life
Every step is a miracle
Every step is healing
Every step is freedom
*Focus on one or choose all four
Breathing In you may say
Every step is Life
Breathing Out you may say
I touch life, the wonders of life.
Breathing In you may say
Every step is a Miracle
Breathing Out you may say I feel this miracle
If you walk relaxed and at ease HEALING is in every step
Breathing In you may say
Every step is Healing
Breathing Out you may say
I receive Healing
Breathing IN you may say
Every step is Freedom,
Breathing Out you may say
Free from our afflictions, our fear,
our anger to ENJOY every step
Conclude your practice In a gesture of gratitude
Hands to Heart
To open up, to live slow enough to enjoy your steps,
your breath. As you breathe, invite feelings of joy and
ease. In this season of winter renewal
Rest here in the breath of your heart. Breath into earth as
much as sky.Feel the life of everything swell through you
and wait. Wait for the freshness of a new beginning to
greet you. The freshness, the miracle of living.
Peace to the Family Center. Peace to our world.
Peace to our planet and Peace in our hearts.
Enjoy walking everyday!