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Help Calm Busy Little Minds

Help calm Busy Little Minds

A Meditation for Kids

When we teach kids mindful meditation and simple
breathing exercises it gives them tools they need to cope
with stress, and anxiety.
Wiggle your body and shake it out.
Sit up and let your spine grow tall
Begin to relax. Give everything a rest.
Can you relax your arms and legs?

Breath Deep breathing is good for your whole body.

Deep Breath In and
Let out a long slow SIGH
If you like, place your hands on your tummy
Take in a nice deep breath,
a BIG breath that fills up your tummy.
Like you are filling a big balloon…
What color is your balloon?
When you breath In, feel your hands go up.
And When you breath Out, feel your hands go down.
Breathing In Making it really big
Now let the Breath Out,
Say to yourself “I calm my body.”
Feel your body get SOFT
Breathing and resting…
Taking In another very deep breath in and exhale
Repeat 3X
Sit for a few more moments and
Return to your normal breathing.
Stand Up
Give your Body a BIG Stretch!
Give yourself a HUG!
and say to yourself

“I am a good kid.”

A Meditation for Parents

Meditation For Parents
If you only have a few minutes to practice meditation and
deep breathing, you will still get lots of the healthy benefits
of calming the nervous system, strengthening your
immune system and supporting your mental health.
Physical Body
Get into a comfortable, relaxed position
either sitting or lying down.
Take a few minutes to feel into the physical body.
Feel into the physical body.
Feel where your body meets support.
Bring awareness to where you meet support.
Resting your hands.Let your shoulders and back relax.
Eyes open or closed. Relax your gaze.

Slow down.

Take a few exaggerated breaths on purpose.
As you exhale feel your body rest more,
Feel your body relaxing fully.
Bring awareness to your breath. The breath is always
happening whether we are thinking about it or not.
Maybe notice how the sounds of your breath.
Awareness of the temperature of your breath as the breath
enters your nostrils.
The movement of your breath, the breath moving in your
belly, your ribs.
Allowing the breath to come and go on it’s own.
Inhale Exhale. Focus on bringing ease and comfort in your


Visualizing a soft sunlight pouring in, visualizing a
pleasurable time of day. How can you make it sweet?
Where do you feel the sun coming in, in an easy and
peaceful way?
True happiness is based on peace.
Connecting with peace, nice deep breaths here.
Light pouring in, washing away any tension.

Enjoy the gentle in breath and out breath

Relaxing the neck, shoulders.
Clearing out any tension, unclenching your teeth,
softening and melting tension in your jaw,
tongue softens. your neck softens.
Base of skull softening.
Relaxing your whole head, your forehead, temples, space
between your ears and back of your eyes.
Back of throat and base of skull.
Light flowing through your chest, stomach and back
torso and pelvis and legs.
Soft hands. Fingers unfurl.
Making you feel fluid and warm.

What do you need?
Time to invite in all of what you need.

Bring to mind…Notice if there is a part of your life you are
struggling with, the difficult part of being a parent.
Take a moment to notice all of the feelings that come up in
this challenging time.Creating space for however you
might be, not covering over anything.

What do you need more of today?

Energy, joy, patience,strength,courage, relaxation,
might be calm,might be a smile, encouragement.
Your body eased.

If tension rises, find your deep breathing.

Few more moments. Make it sweet.
Delivering warmth and light into every single cell,
flooding the body with that beautiful feeling.
Gently warming your entire body, imagining it in a form of
ease moving down the whole body.
Last few breaths with awareness trace the path of your
breath into the center of your heart.

Placing your palms on your body or
your heart.

With love and kindness in our hearts for ourselves
and our family.
The possibility of this new moment to care, to listen,
to understand and to make a loving home for my
With appreciation for our community and our
extended family at the Family Center.
Breathing it all in.
Notice how different and nourished you feel.
May the practice leave us calm, relaxed and clear.