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Mindful Parenting

When the demands of parenthood ramp up during high stress times, such as dinner time, bedtime, or when you are overly tired our reactions may look a lot different than we would like. When we practice mindful parenting we make a conscious effort to raise children that are more stable, steady and at
ease. These are skills that will serve you and serve your children.

Take Care of Yourself
So vital that we care for ourselves.
Kids seem to know when we are struggling.
Give yourself that moment of alone time. Keep It Simple.
You do not have to look for these huge blocks of time.
Recharging for a few moments will do wonders.

Wake Up Five Minutes Early
To pause, reflect, to feel, to look within.
When you wake up, notice your breath.
Your breath is what anchors you.
Taking a look at what is going on.
Is there tension, resentment, anger?
Do you feel centered?

A nice contemplation for the upcoming week:
Reflect on ways as a parent that you may not be parenting
with patience, compassion or acceptance.

Calm and Center yourself.
A moment of Gratitude. I am grateful for_____________.
When you are calm and clear your day can start on a
positive note.

Practice a Restorative Yoga Pose
Constructive Rest
Unplug from all screens for your mental health, longevity
and mindful awareness.

  • In a reclined position lie on your back, knees bent,
  • feet on the floor, feet wider than your hips.
  •  Let your knees tap together to hold each other up.
  •  Re-adjust with any movements to help you feel more
  • comfortable.
  •  You are welcome to place your hands on your belly or
  • take your palms to the side of your body.
  •  Enjoy long deep breaths.
  •  Mindfully scan your body.
  • Relaxing your face, softening your jaw.
  • Relax any effort in your legs.
  • Soften the pelvis and belly.
  • Welcome your breath into a softening belly.
  •  Drift off into silence. Resting with love and kindness in
  • your heart for yourself and others. Enjoy this rest.
  •  Gently roll to your side to slowly press up to sitting to
  • transition to your next activity.


The Parenting Pause
Difficult feelings, and challenges show up everyday in the
parenting realm.
The Parenting Pause is the gateway for you to learn
and connect with your child in a useful, easy way.
It will help diffuse high stress situations.
First, become aware of high stress transitions such as
getting out the door for school.
When emotions escalate these five words can become a
pillar of strength.

Stop Pause Listen Observe Respond

Stop: Calm and Center yourself. Find a deep and
even breath. Looking within for a sense of nurturing.
Pause: Pause for a moment to feel our feet on the ground.
Pausing is what you and your child need to feel safe and
We pause to notice what is going on in your mind, your
thoughts, feelings and the physical body.
Am I focused or distracted?
Is my mind calm or agitated?
What is going on in your child’s?
We always have the choice to slow it down.
You may ask your child
Do you want a do-over?
Listen: Always listen. Pause and listen with genuine love
and attention.
Listening is where love begins.
We allow our children the space to feel what they feel.
Let go of “Shoulds” and “Supposed tos”
Observe: Thoughts, words and action.
It is a huge gift to get clear on what is present.
Maybe there is something I should be paying attention to.
What we might hear from our kids is anger, sadness, fear,
anxiety or confusion.
We also might hear thankfulness, blessings, honesty.
We might hear I love you mom/dad, I am so sorry.
Respond: Respond in a gentle, kind way.
Allow what arises but don’t add on.
If you see judgment or critique bring a sense of love and
care. Meanness causes worry judgment,it keeps a child
from feeling loved.
Kindness softens the heart. It offers us new possibilities.
Invite a new conversation.
Ask: How are you? How are you feeling about this? What
do you need from me right now?
What are you feeling right now?
The beauty of these five words
Stop, Pause, Listen, Observe, Respond is that we give
ourselves space. A pause gives you and your child a
much needed chance to grow. To respond to people and
events in our lives from a place that is calm, and nurturing.
That is the gem spot. That is where the real process of
parenting is taking place. Together we grow!
The power of prayer starts with you,
straight from your heart to ripple out to our children
and all children everywhere.

A Prayer for Our Children

Thank You for the birth of all the beautiful children
in our lives and in the world.
May every child feel loved and protected.
May every child grow strong in heart to love and serve.
May every child know peace and ease.
May every child know joy and delight.
May every child be healthy and nourished.
As a parent I ask for inner guidance and wisdom.
May it wash over us and through us, that it serves us in
whatever way it is meant to.
As a parent may I be a vehicle for love.
Show me how to love patiently. Show me forgiveness.
Make me kind and compassionate.
To be there for my child most fully.
To pause, to listen, to respond to understand who he/she
And what they need.
May every family be blessed.
May each child learn from their families the values and
principles of love, honesty and truth.
May they learn kindness.
May they learn courage and strength.
May they each find their purpose in life.
May every child be free.
To live life fully and to love most deeply.
May we always remember our wholeness and our way
back home.
May the spirit of this family, from generations past and into
the future bless and sustain this child.
Together We Grow at the Family Center.
Together we bless our children with a silent prayer.
Please add your own wishes.
May each child receive the gifts of this prayer.
May the light of the world surround each precious one.
Thank you for being here.