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To Walk in Beauty and Grace

To Walk in Beauty and Grace

In beauty I walk
With beauty before me I walk
With beauty behind me I walk
With beauty around me I walk
It has become beauty again
-Excerpt from Navajo Blessing Prayer:Walk in Beauty

To walk in beauty and grace is the translation of the Navajo term for the spiritual path of
celebrating the sacredness of life.
Thinking and acting in a beauty way sheds light on how we walk, feel physically, mentally and

Beauty and Grace A Meditation

Please adapt this meditation to a particular remembered beauty experience of your own.


Close the eyes
Take a little time to fully arrive.
With every breath bring more of your attention in.
Meditation is really just another word for being attentive.

Now Visualize a wide open vista. A silhouette of hills at the golden hour.

In your mind, see, feel every detail. Start to notice everything that is going on.
Hear the sounds, smell the smells and feel the air on your skin.
Feel yourself walking in its beauty.
Receiving the support of the earth beneath you. Our earth.
Feel the openness, your connection to nature.
Your sense of peace and wellbeing. Notice the different levels of your experience.
Physical, mental, and emotional. Coming to that place of grace.

One definition of Grace is love freely given from the divine.

Interesting perspective, not something you have to earn, not something you have to prove to
yourself. Not something for the selected few only.
It is all around. All the time. All you have to do is be open to receiving.
As you sit, expand your breath. Feel what it is like when there is no more seeking, and nothing
to do. Fully feel this deep sense of well being.

Breathe Let your inhalations be deep and rich. The arriving of breath in your chest.

Let the exhalations be long and smooth.
You can even allow your breath to be a form of beauty and grace, so with each breath you are
connecting to something deeper within.
A sense of pure being.

Connect Connected to the beauty and grace that is here now, whatever that might

personally mean to you. Through our physical practice we open ourselves up and as we open
up we invite in that beauty. We receive the blessings of grace.
So, be open to whatever journey you walk, without it having to be a particular way.
That it is very true to you. Open to this beauty and grace within you, whatever you must face.
Know deep inside the marrow of your bones lives your earth, your home.
Be open to experience that fully.
Slowly open your eyes. You will always have YOU!
The “you” that knows of your beauty and magnificence. The beauty that is all around you.

Reflection: What does the word “beauty” mean to you? What does the word “grace”

mean to you? What do you think it means to walk in “beauty and grace”?