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The Meditation Gardens

New this week at the

Pond Farm

The Meditation Garden

Here at the Pond Farm we are in the beginning stages of planting our meditation garden.
The garden is located just across the way from the kitchen.
We are gathering inspiration, starting small and letting the garden evolve as we use the space.
When our lives and activities on the farm become too busy, everyone will have an opportunity to find a few moments of calm, beauty and joy within the gardens.
We hope to make this area a lovely island of calm that you can you can come whenever you need.

What is a meditation garden?

Do you remember a summer day, sitting in the grass under a tall tree when you were a child? A feeling of being so small, yet so taken care of? A meditation garden is a place for you to connect with that same feeling, of nature and yourself. A sense of peace and serenity. It is such an important way to care for our spirit, and the part of us interested in connecting with others.

Meditation Garden Design

We are basing the garden’s design on the many natural elements
already in place at the Pond Farm to create balance and harmony.
Let’s dig in together and keep the design simple, natural, low
maintenance. With a very conscious choice to save water.

We are including the following elements in the gardens


Rocks are ancient storytellers. Rocks are plentiful at the Pond Farm and a key element we will be using. The selection, size and placement in relationship to the other is very important.


The high desert soil and earth, will have a healing effect.


The plants in the meditation garden are being chosen for their colors, texture, fragrance and form. Many will be native plants. Our first planting included daisies, flax, echinacea, chamomile, lilies, and sage. Hopefully they will attract lots of native birds, pollinators, butterflies, and bees.


The walkways are intentionally small and winding, which has a calming effect on the mind.


In time we will clear space to create a labyrinth. A labyrinth is a circular walkway, to enhance reflection, self care and inspire creativity. Kids love labyrinths and are naturally drawn to them!

Benefits of a Meditation Garden

Meditation gardens are an effective way to clear your head, improve our mood, and get grounded.
When we connect with the essence of ourselves, to everything that exists and lives in nature, these pure feelings of love bring us clarity and settle our minds and our bodies.

They can help us physically by lowering blood pressure, and strengthening the immune system. Mental health wellness includes that feeling of awe and appreciation in nature.

Scientists have found spending just two hours a week in nature is linked to better health and well being.

10 Summer Garden Meditations

We will each find our own unique way of meditating in the garden.
Meandering the gardens is wonderful as well. It’s a great space for
contemplation or just being in nature. Even if it is just for five minutes.
Why not try taking yourself to the gardens with one of these

Take time to notice how you feel afterwards. Notice how these little moments of calm, set you up for a productive day. We all need to be reminded to breathe, to take time for what brings us joy. And sitting in the meditation garden is that reminder.

What do you think?

Do you have ideas for our meditation garden?
What would make you smile or relax in the garden?
We would love to hear from you.
Send us your comments below