Our Garden

The giving garden is a place where we grow fresh healthy vegetables to support the families in our community. We use the produce from the garden to provide families with a healthy food source and promote health in the community. We believe everyone should have access to healthy high quality food so we donate the food from our garden to families that do not have easy access to fruits and vegetables. 

“It's so awesome to be a part of promoting healthy eating in our community"


United we Grow

We are using multigenerational initiatives to encourage pride in family, self confidence, and understanding of entrepreneurship.

A Fresh perspective

We are repurposing exsisting land, garden spaces, and structures and expanding the growing of local produce into the four seasons.

Cultivating health

Advancing health education to prevent chronic disease by cultivating a safe place for our community to interact and grow together.

Want to support us?

Help us continue to grow our garden and support those in our community.

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