Colorado Community Response

What is CCR?

The Colorado Community Response (CCR) program operates through a partnership with the Department of Human Services. The program is designed to provide family navigation services as a promising practice for preventing child maltreatment and strengthening family functioning by providing access to concrete services in times of need and assisting them in accessing formal systems and informal resources to meet those needs. CCR aims to increase the family’s protective capacities through service linkages, case advocacy and connections to both formal and informal resources. CCR fills a gap in the child maltreatment continuum by serving families who have been reported to child welfare for alleged child abuse or neglect, and whose referral was either “screened out” (was not opened for investigation) or closed after initial assessment.

Evidence of Sucess

Families are invited to enter anonymous comments about their CCR involvement: A mother enrolled in the CCR program as she was in a tough situation trying to raise her daughter as a single parent. Housing was a big concern for her because she was living in an old RV in a rural town outside of Durango. Transportation was a significant barrier and as most resources are located in Durango, she had trouble accessing what she needed. She decided her first priority was to find a place to live in Durango. After reviewing the affordable housing options with her Advocate, she began doing her own research by calling each site to get on their wait list. Through her perseverance, she was able to get into a low income apartment in Durango in a relatively short period of time, which rarely happens. Since moving to Durango, she has worked closely with her Advocate to get connected with resources she can access with available public transportation. When moving from their RV, the family literally had no furniture and were sleeping on the floor. A local furniture company offered her beds at no charge if she would volunteer her time at a nonprofit of her choice. Being in Durango has afforded this family increased access to the resources she needs to achieve her selected goals. Securing safe, affordable housing has alleviated some of her stress so she is now able to focus on pursuing her professional career opportunities. This client had positive movement in two of the fourteen CFSA 2.0 domains.

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