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Spanish English Professional Interpreter

La Plata Family Centers Coalition (LPFCC) 

Request for Proposal (RFP) 


Invitation to Submit Proposals: 


La Plata Family Centers Coalition is posting this RFP on its website and social media platform ( / Facebook page La Plata Family Centers Coalition) so that firms and individuals that have an interest may submit a proposal in accordance with the terms of this RFP. 


Date:  August 9, 2021 

RFP NO: 001 

Direct Inquiries to: Heather Hawk 

Phone: 970-385-4747 


Return RFP To: Electronic submission to attention Heather Hawk LPFCC Board Secretary 


DATE DUE:  August 20, 2021   AT 12:00 PM (local) 


Proposal properly marked as to RFP NO., DATE and HOUR of opening, subject to the conditions herein stipulated and in accordance with the specifications set forth and /or attached hereto, will be accepted at the address listed above, prior to the date and time listed  for the RFP opening. All proposals shall be quoted F.O.B destination, unless otherwise specified, to the delivery or jobsite listed herein. 




TITLE: Spanish/English Professional Interpreter/Translator 


AGENCY:  La Plata Family Centers Coalition 


Section I: Background, Overview and Goals 


LPFCC is seeking proposals for a professional Spanish/English Interpreter/Translator. LPFCC has partnered with the State Department of Agriculture to build on LPFCC’s current health education offerings to develop culturally appropriate trainings, activities and materials about mental health for immigrants, migrant agricultural workers, and others whose primary language is not English. This contracted position will be responsible for the accurate translation of written materials to create awareness around mental health issues and strategies for supporting mental wellbeing in the community. These materials will be translated from English into Spanish and shared throughout the state. In addition, The Contractor will be responsible for facilitating effective communication during corresponding trainings. The Contractor will directly work with the mental health provider and the worksite wellness facilitator to coordinate culturally appropriate trainings for non-English speaking participants.   

All materials will be available to any communities or organizations that wish to use them.  

A successful RFP will feature an Interpreter/Translator who is be able to demonstrate a firm understanding of the field in which he/she will be translating/Interpreting, and has at least 5 years of experience professionally translating and interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting may be required to fulfil the duties in this contract. 


Section II: Statement of Work 


-Provide accurate translations of materials. 

-Attend meetings to interpret discussions. 

-Relay the style and tone of the original language 

-Render spoken messages accurately, quickly, and clearly 

-Apply cultural knowledge to render an accurate interpretation and translation of the original message 

-Provide simultaneous interpreting during mental health trainings


Section III: Standards of Quality Requirements 


  • Exhibit proficiency in Speaking, reading and writing fluently in English and Spanish 
  • Proof of language fluency (Fluency may be demonstrated through successful completion of academic courses in both languages, relevant test scores or active certifications in good standing in interpretation or translation)
  • Must have proven prior experience 
  • Must be able to demonstrate successful completion of training specific to Interpretation and/or Translation
  • Preference will be given to candidates that can demonstrate active certifications in good standing through NBCMI, NCIHC, ATA or other state- or nation-wide organizations.
  • High school diploma or equivalent 


Section VI: Response Format 


All RFPs shall be electronically submitted to attention Heather Hawk LPFCC Board of Directors’ Secretary. 

Proposals shall not exceed 5 pages including, prior experience, certifications and resume.  

Proposals shall be clearly marked with RPF Number and title. (Example: RFP001 Spanish/English Professional Interpreter/Translator 


Section V: Budget: 


The total budget for this project is $18,000 that will be allocated to one vendor. The Vendor will receive $ 18,000 in the course of 12 months ( 9/1/2021- 8/31/2022). 

Proposals exceeding the above budget may not be considered, at the La Plata Family Centers Coalition’s discretion. 

The anticipated initial term of the resulting contract is September 1, 2021 through August 31, 2022. This is a one-year contract with no anticipated renewals.  


Section VI: Evaluation and Award 


The award decision ultimately is a business judgment that will reflect an integrated assessment of the relative merits of the proposals using the factors set forth in the RFP. LPFCC intends to award the contract to the Vendor whose proposal, conforming to the RFP, will be most advantageous to LPFCC, and other factors considered. 

The LPFCC Board of Directors will conduct a comprehensive, fair and impartial evaluation of the proposals received in this solicitation efforts.  

Vendors should not assume that they would have the opportunity for oral presentations or revisions of proposals. Therefore, Vendors should submit their most favorable proposal as their initial proposal. The competitive range determination will be based exclusively on the written proposals.  


Proposals will be assessed based on the soundness of the Vendor’s overall approach and Respondent’s understanding of the requirements. The experience and/or demonstrated capabilities factor will be assessed by considering the extent to which the qualifications, experiences and past performance are likely to foster successful performance. Assessments may include a judgment concerning the potential risk of unsuccessful or untimely performance, and the anticipated amount of LPFCC Board of Directors involvement necessary (beyond that reasonably necessary) to ensure timely, successful performance.  

LPFCC Board of Directors may contact references provided, and in addition, obtain information concerning the Vendor’s performance.  

Vendor recommended for the award must provide (upon request) documentation of credentials and certifications as proof of linguistic competency. 

LPFCC Board of Directors may request a sample translation of an internal LPFCC document to be sent to the candidate after receipt of candidate’s proposal. 

A complete contract is expected within 10 days following the letter of intent to award. In the event a contract is not signed (through no fault of LPFCC) by the awarded Vendor within 10 days, and barring any protest that may delay the completion of a contract, LPFCC may elect to cease negotiations, withdraw the award, and award to the next most advantageous Vendor.  

The award will be notified via Vendor’s provided email by the LPFCC Board of Directors’ Secretary.  


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